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Published on April 23rd, 2013 | by UntoXicated


Amanda Rose – Strategic Connector

Drug, tobacco and alcohol free for just under a year. We ask this high achiever in business – why?

Amanda Rose is Australia’s only Strategic Business Connector. In other words Amanda opens doors, comes up with great ideas and builds relationships for CEO’s and business owners. She is also the host for the first and only radio and web TV channel for business women in Australia called The Business Woman.

We asked Amanda Rose about her life, and her decision to abstain from tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Amanda, what are you passionate about in your life?

I’m passionate about sharing all that I know about business, career and life. Connecting people, business, community and Government together for mutual benefit. And of course my 100 Day Plan – tips, resources and a guide on how to change your life in 100 days.

How long have you been drug, tobacco and alcohol free, and why?

I’ve been all three for just under a year. Why? For life efficiency and fulfillment. We only have 24 hours in one day, why waste it under the influence of something where you have no control and lose precious hours that you could be investing into your future. Just think, what else could you be enjoying instead of a 2 day hangover?

Do you have any life tips for others that you’d like to share?

People are judged (and influenced) by the company they keep. So look around and at your friendship circle and ask yourself, am I keeping good company?

Amanda Rose is passionate about helping others find their niche, strategically connecting them and sharing advice on how to have success in business and in life. Connect with Amanda’s extreme passion, energy and drive by the link below:

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