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Published on April 24th, 2013 | by UntoXicated


Non-Drinking Games

Don’t want your party guests “Singing A Rainbow” all over your mums lounge?

You’re having a party and don’t want the dramas associated with people under the influence of alcohol and drugs.  Well, why not host a party without them? Games are a great way to get your party atmosphere happening for New Years, a uni break or a cold and wet indoors day!

If you have a game you’d like to share, just post it below! Let’s get this party started!!

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  1. Bunnies

    This is a game of speed, complexity and cunningness of the players! It’s best to play with music and as many participants as possible – more than six players is ideal. This game is guaranteed to have everyone rolling around on the floor in hysterics! There are countless variations of this game that can be found online that make it even more complex.

    Have all players sit around in a circle. The game is much more sillier with reggae or ska music playing in the background! Anyone who smiles or laughs is disqualified. The object of the game is to be the last person remaining without smiling!

    The starter of the game is known as the Chairman. The Chairman puts their thumbs to their head like bunny ears, waving their fingers up and down in a bunny fashion. The person to the Chairman’s right (right bunny) waves their left hand, whilst the person to the Chairman’s left (left bunny) waves their right hand, mimicking the Chairman.

    The Chairman must then pass the bunny (make a zapping motion) to another player who must take possession of the bunny by putting their thumbs to their temples and waggling their ‘bunny ears’. The left and right bunnies players on either side of the new possessor of the bunny must also ‘mirror’ the previous bunnies.

    For the pass to be legitimate, the original Chairman must not remove their thumbs from their temples until the pass has been accepted. The original left and right bunnies who were mirroring the Chairman must also remove their thumb from their temple and cease to mirror.

    If any player has been observed smiling, or not doing bunny ears correctly, the observer notifies the Chairman of the mistake. If the Chairman approves, the player is out of the game.

    All communication by an observer with the Chairman must be made by participants standing up without showing any teeth. Males must address the chairman covering their genital area with both their hands, females must cover both their breasts and genitals. Communication with the Chairman should always begin with: “Excuse me Mr Chairman… ”

    Failure to adhere to these rules or any other will result in the player getting ‘disqualified’ and removed from the game. The last person who hasn’t been removed for smiling, laughing, showing their teeth, faulty passes etc. wins! Hilarious!!!

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