Facebook – The Birthplace Of Our Community

The UntoXicated Facebook community is unique as it supports others who share our drug-free lifestyle.

The Facebook page is a “troll-free” environment that gives fans a sense of belonging in a community with others who share similar values. A large part of our aim on the Facebook page is to dispel myths associated with Straight Edge or drug-free living. In the early days of the Page’s formation, we’d ask questions from our fans including:

• do you need to be in a gang to be drug-free or Straight Edge?
• why are you living a drug free life?
• where in the world are you?

We’ve received hundreds of responses to these questions with feedback and encouragement from others.

What has been shown is that you can be any age, race or nationality to live drug-free and claim to live the Straight Edge lifestyle.

The questions posted on our page in the early days have helped form the backbone of our new UntoXicated community.

There are other Straight Edge Facebook pages online, but their focus usually focused on the hardcore / punk music scene. Although we acknowledge our roots came from this scene, it’s not our focus to promote bands and music from this genre.

Our 3600th fan was a female from Iraq.

We engage our fans with trivia competitions and have active discussions on how, where and why people become Straight Edge. There are Facebook posts from people of all ages and backgrounds sharing personal stories about their conviction to stay drug free. These generate hundreds of comments of encouragement and support.

We have a large selection of Facebook Profile and Timeline pictures for fans to “brand” themselves online. Many of our Facebook Fans identify themselves with our imagery and use our images on their own personal profile picture.

If you’d like to join in the UntoXicated Facebook community, click on the link below and dive in!

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  1. travis abrecka says:

    • do you need to be in a gang to be drug-free or Straight Edge? no.SxE is not a gang and never has been.
    • why are you living a drug free life? i like living a clean and healthy life. i choose to be sober forever
    • where in the world are you? port st lucie,florida

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