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    Before you dive in and chat, we’d like to know a little bit about you!

    Where are you from, why have you joined our community? It will only take a moment!

    Thank you, and welcome to our community.

    Have fun!!!

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    Jose Gonzalez

    Location: Bradley, IL

    I joined the movement because until a little bit of time ago, I didn’t know what being straight edge meant. After almost three years after declaring myself drug-free and straight-edge, I want to find some way to further the cause of sober living.

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    Hey everyone,

    I’m xDredgex from Sydney, Australia

    I’d been living drug /alcohol-free for the last 8 years without knowing what Straight Edge is all about. I discovered sXe about 2 years ago and could really relate to it.

    Being a vegetarian for most of my life, I’m used to being on the “outside” for not really conforming to the “norm”. What I like about the Straight Edge message is that I can be proud of who I am.

    I think Straight Edges can cope with life as it is. As individuals I think we have a strength that many others don’t have.


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    André Horn

    Hey there,

    I’d hereby like to introduce myself to the beautiful community of untoXicated.

    My name is André, I’m 19 years old and I live in Germany. I’ve claimed Edge 1 year and a month ago. I’m glad to serve the untoXicated forums as a moderator in the future, although I don’t think I’ll have much opportunity to use my powers, fortunately. :)

    I learnt of Straight Edge through hardcore music which is one of the most important things in my life. Before claiming, I drank almost every weekend, often to the point where I’d just puke, lose my mind and do unbelievably embarassing things, ultimately contributing heavily to the loss of who I think of as the love of my life. Realizing alcohol had destroyed so much for me but did not give anything back in return, I decided I never wanted to have something to do with it ever again.
    My parents are heavy smokers, they’re coughing the entire day and it just grosses me out. When I hear them coughing their lungs out right before they light the next cigarette, it drives me nuts, and I just don’t understand how they can do that to themselves, especially seeing their health decline every day.

    I live in a town of about 55.000. I just finished school and plan on going to university in October majoring in Biotechnology. I play guitar in a newly-formed hardcore band and I’m into sports, especially American Football, especially American college football and lifting. I played Football for 4 years, one at Strong Safety and three at Linebacker. I was the defensive captain of my team which finished first 2 years and second 2 years. As I mentioned before, hardcore music means the world to me, and I think without it and my friends I wouldn’t have survived the dark days of my life. I visit every show I can get myself to. My favourite bands are First Blood, Lionheart and Down To Nothing.

    I hope you got to know something about me, and I’m looking forward excitedly to the great future of this community! Feel free to ask any questions you might have. :)


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    travis abrecka

    i had dont drink,smoke and dont do drugs instilled in me in school at a early age and never looked back.straightedge is the only thing that you’re truly in control of.

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    Mike Blouin Shea

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Mike, im sixteen years old and i live in Manchester, New Hampshire! Ive been a hip hop and street dancer for a little over 3 years, and after i graduate high school i plan to go to college and become a dance teacher/choreographer.

    I am proud to say that i have never touched i single drug, cigarette, or alcoholic beverage in my entire life!!! :) I didnt know straight edge existed until 2 years ago, and i thought that this lifestyle was the best lifestyle to choose compared to how most of my friends live. Every day is a struggle for me though, becasue i am the only person in my community who is straight edge, and a lot of people look down at me for it, some people hate me for it. People in school draw sXe tags on the walls and then write “drugs are awesome” over it. When i tell people im edge they look at me like im a freak, because they think im a guy who runs around ripping cigs outta peoples mouths and screaming “im better than you” and ive never done that. It honestly feels like i dont belong anywhere at times.

    But i have never questioned my beliefs. I am very proud of who i am! People can try to bring me down but it will never work because i have realized that they are only hurting themselves and ive been strong enough to resist it my entire life. Ive never needed any of them or their poisons, and i never will.

    I joined the movement because i have lost too many people to drug and alcohol abuse. Two of my older brothers and my sister almost died because of it. One of them had to go to rehab, and i saw the look on my mothers face, and i never wanted to see that look again. So i promised her and myself that i will NEVER touch any of those substances ever.

    I do have a small group of people who i dont see too often but they respect myself and my beliefs. Even though none of them are straight edge they understand why i chose this lifestyle. I love them all, and they all love me. :)

    Thanks for letting me share a bit about myself. I cant wait to learn about everyone else in this community!!

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    Joel Stevenson

    Hey, My name’s Joel. I’m 17 years old and from the UK, I claimed edge around 2 years ago but because I was so young I was never involved with drugs or alcohol so staying away from it just made sense to me, I’ve never felt the need to drink or smoke so being edge is something that just makes sense to me. I joined this community because I dont really know anyone else who’s edge so I’ve never had the chance to talk to people about it and this community gives me the chance

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    Hi! My name is Pawel and I’m 35-year-old Polish illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been straight edge for 20 years now and… sill counting. I’m also a vegan.

    I’m truly honored to be a part of the Untoxicated community. The best drug-free place in the cyberspace to date!

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    Matt Iain

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been Straight Edge my whole life, apart from like a 5th of a glass of wine my parents gave me when I was 10 (it was to bring in the year 2000 – the new millennium!) back then I didn’t have any strong views on it, but they started kicking in shortly afterwards. Since then, I’ve had no alcohol, and I’ve never had drugs or tobacco, both of which I hate the idea of.

    I discovered Straight Edge a few years back by way of one CM Punk, Straight Edge WWE wrestler. I know some people think he’s a poor role model and representation of it, but he’s at my hero, partly because of him being Straight Edge, and partly because he’s the best in the world at what he does.

    I’m very glad to be a part of this community, because most people I meet in real life disagree with how I do things, which is not the least bit enjoyable. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on here!

    Stay positive,


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    Jake White

    I’m so excited to be part of this community! I just recently stumbled upon straight edge when I was interviewing an edge musician named Carah Faye from Shiny Toy Guns. I’ve always been drug, alcohol, and tobacco free but now I’m proud to claim straight edge.

    I’m a senior in at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. I started two companies while in school that center around being ourselves and not relying on substances. The first is called Party.0, you can check it out in this short we made. I also do some motivational speaking on the topic of alcohol safety.

    I actually love going out to the bars and clubs with my friends, who all drink. But I’m proud to have the confidence to do all the crazy things they do without a drink or a high.

    So excited to meet all of you, it’s been really cool to reading all of your introductions. Hit up my if you want some tips on partying sober or have some stories to share!

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    Frank Rojas

    Hey there, ladies and gents! My name’s Frank and I’m an Edger from New Jersey. I’ve been Edge all my life; since before I knew it had a name. That’s right! I’ve never done any of it! Drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. Zero! So when I saw CM Punk talking about Straight Edge, and what it meant, I had to find out for myself.

    I now where my X’s proudly every year on Edge Day. =]

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    Al X Be

    ello ello ello to my fellow str8 edge brethren…quick intro,,,, I live in the NY area and on June 2nd it’ll be 2 years since I used any mood or mind altering substances (except for coffee). It’s been approximately 6 months since I had cig and I’m grateful for the xXx community as well as my recovery community for helping make this possible. Looking forward to what the future holds for the second coming of this movement and excited to be apart of it. x/

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    Darryn Voll

    Hey Straight-edgers
    My name’s Darryn and i am eighteen years old. I live in New Zealand, and have joined the Untoxicated community to listen to people’s stories and have members of this community to interact with as not many people that i know, have chosen the drug free lifestyle. This website also gives me a sense of belonging as this site makes me feel like i am not the only person who is dedicated this lifestyle of choice. But this is definitely not my reason for being straightedge.

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    Kam Pierce

    17 years old. My name is Kam Pierce, Drug Free All My life, Straight Edge for 4 Years.

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    travis abrecka

    im travis 23 live port st lucie florida.never got into drugs,alcohol or cigs or weed,just wasnt for me.i love what SxE because its the only thing that is stable and true.ide say ive been StraightEdge for about 2 years but always been free frome vices,when others struggle with addiction im rising above it.

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