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Published on May 1st, 2013 | by UntoXicated


Expose yourself! Creative contributions wanted…

Are you a writer, illustrator, photographer, muso, videographer etc. and want to get some exposure?

If you’ve got some drug-free / Straight Edge related media that you’d like to share with the rest of our community, here’s your chance.

Submit your content to us below via either Facebook or WordPress and we’ll get some exposure for you! If it’s an image or a video Contact Us and we’ll get it sorted.

We reserve the right to reject your material if we determine that it’s not suitable. Make sure that you own all rights to any material you submit to us!


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2 Responses to Expose yourself! Creative contributions wanted…

  1. Thanks to this poetic contribution from Kam Pierce:

    Rockstar Lifestyle,
    Might Not Make It.
    I Can Still Have My Fun and Have No Need for Drinking,
    X’s Embedded in the Back of My Hands.
    The Colors of Black with Punk Rock Red.
    I Will Never Smoke or Abuse Prescription,
    And I Can Still Feel The Music,
    Crossed Over Black X’s
    Rockstar Lifestyle,
    Might Get Wasted.
    I Can Still Keep Control While I’m Misbehaving.
    No Weed or Alcohol For Me,
    I’m The Minor Threat
    Hardcore Punk Rock Lifestyle,
    Straight Edge.

    – Kam Pierce

  2. travis abrecka says:

    we dont need drugs,
    alcohol’s a joke why the hell do we need to smoke
    toke once toke twice and you wonder why your in handcuffs all night.
    we try to help the world but its all a big swirl why im not gonna help ya while you hurl.
    wakeup hungover pain all around its so profound that you cant live a life without your vices
    dont think twice StraightEdge is nice

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