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Published on April 25th, 2013 | by UntoXicated


Jake White – Party.0 Founder

What’s up edgers?! My name is Jake. I’m a college student, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

In 2012, I started throwing sober parties to see if anyone else wanted to get crazy and avoid the hassle of alcohol… and before I knew it, this thing BLEW UP! We were getting sponsorships from nationally known companies and having up to 180 people come to our events!  It’s called Party.0 – Bringing It B.A.C.

For fun I like to hang with friends, watch movies, play games and just get goofy. I also love to play sports or go snowboarding, and my favorite hobby is drumming.

I’ve been drug and tobacco free my whole life but have drank alcohol before. I tried drinking because I wanted to speak about alcohol safety… but how could I speak about something I had never done? Honestly being buzzed made me feel great. But I feel that good whenever I accomplish something, workout at the gym, help someone out or even just listen to music. And I’d rather not develop a liking for something that’s not healthy. Especially if it’s just others wanting me to do it, and I don’t have an interest.

I live a straight edge lifestyle because I don’t want to take my life for granted. Life is short and every day is an opportunity to become a better me. I want to make my own stupid mistakes, build my own confidence and be able to get crazy without depending on anything but myself… To me, that’s something to be truly proud of.  And why use a shortcut to feel good when you can learn to do it by yourself?

My tip to the chemical-free:  You spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with yourself. So do what makes you happy first, even when others may want you to do something else.  Keep up the positive lifestyle! :)

Want to know more about the awesome Jake White and Party.0? Check out his site right here…

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  1. chick says:


  2. PxZ says:

    Yo Jake! It’s really admirable that you’re trying to brake the social standards. You started something really awesome. Would be fantastic if you’d come to Sydney one day and show us how to throw a booze-free party!

    Great stuff, man! Keep rockin’!

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