Published on April 23rd, 2013 | by UntoXicated

Jenko and Pasinski – Drug-free socks

Jenko and Pasinski are a pair of clean socks. They’re also kickass gamers!

Born from left-overs in a laundry basket, Jenko and Pasinski were manufactured into a life of natural highs from being best mates sharing their love of playing video games. To them, being able to remember those magic moments when you’ve survived the last wave of Mutant Zombies or teamed up to defeat the hideous Over-Lord is what being Untoxicated is all about.

Be in control of yourself and not just a puppet!

If you’d like to hire Jenko and Pasinski to do promotional work for your product or service, contact Dredge via the Contact page. Dredge is the only one that can speak to socks!

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2 Responses to Jenko and Pasinski – Drug-free socks

  1. PxZ says:

    Cool accents, bad haircuts. Overall two thumbs up!

    • Thanks Pawel, I’ll pass on the message to them!

      Here’s a little secret: When these two turn around they have big scars on their necks. They had their “heel bulges” cut out! Gross!


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