Kyra Blaze – Pin-up Model, Drug-Free & Proud.

Kyra Blaze is the pinup/stage name for Kyra Pfitzner, a 22 year old Hungarian pin-up model, dancer, college student, the girl next door with a little twist…

What do you do in your everyday life – what’s your livelihood?

Besides being a model I go to college majoring in psychology for now but also looking into making a career as an EMT. I teach English to the elderly and different groups, and I have a few performances a month at a local theatre where I work as a dancer.

What are you passionate about?

I’m a very passionate person overall. I’m a huge animal lover and a supporter of animal rights, I’m a shopaholic (go figure…) and I support art in general even though performance art is the one closest to my heart. I also loooove to eat. But that’s not always a good thing =D

How long have you been drug, tobacco and alcohol free?

Basically my whole life. I had a very strong opinion about living drug-free from a very early age (well basically since forever.) I was a teenager once I admit, I have tried the taste of a few drinks but that’s it. I never liked them (neither the taste nor the known effects, even though I obviously never felt drunk from a few drops) so I never really started drinking and I think I can honestly say I’m a born straight edge broad.

Why are you drug, tobacco and alcohol free?

I think it’s very important to stay focused and under control. I always tell people that I have just enough boundaries and I don’t need anything turning me inside out. I’m not going to sit in a corner just because I didn’t drink to loosen up, I’m very open and yet I’m not going to dance naked on tabletops either.

“I’m a normal person capable of making friends, starting conversations and feeling great at a party without drinking/taking/smoking anything that alters my mind/mood. I’m also concerned about my health and any kind of drugs don’t fit my lifestyle.”

I’ve seen many people ruining the life and I’m not about to do that to myself and the ones closest to met. I’m not perfect either, though. I’m very lazy and don’t always eat healthy, but at least I can say I’m UntoXicated =)

Do you have any life tips for others that you’d like to share?

Don’t ever do things you wouldn’t do by yourself. People, “friends”, crowds, certain groups can be very persuasive, that’s part of human nature. But I encourage everyone to think first and think deep: would you try this or that without people cheering you on? Would you take as big a risks all on your own? If the answer is no, that’s a pretty good indicator of who you really are. Don’t let others define your personality. I’m drug-free for life and no crowd can change that, no one can overrule my life choices. I am Me. You should be You and only You, too =)

If you would like to see more of Kyra Blaze Pin-up Model, visit her fan page below:

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2 Responses to Kyra Blaze – Pin-up Model, Drug-Free & Proud.

  1. PxZ says:

    Hey Kyra! It’s hard to ignore and to not pay a compliment to your stunning appearance, but you seem like a nice person too! Surly one of those who we all would love to hang out with. Unfortunately it’s impossible to have you everywhere, so the rest of the world is forced to rely on your photos.

    Hail to the Pin-up Queen!

  2. Al X Be says:

    Great influence for aspiring young models considering reputation that industry has…Kyra’s totally making a difference,,,Kudos!

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